How to become a Rheumatologist

How to become a Rheumatologist

Rheumatology is the branch of internal medical dealing with the diagnosis and management of rheumatic and musculoskeletal disorders, including all forms of arthritis; connective tissue disease; spinal and soft tissue disorders; chronic musculoskeletal pain syndromes; and certain metabolic bone disorders, particularly osteoporosis.

As the population ages, chronic diseases, including musculoskeletal conditions, are on the increase. Also with increase in leisure activities increased soft tissue disease are seen. Thus Rheumatology is a growing medical subspecialty and one that provides great opportunities and challenges.

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Rheumatology offers diversity of practice and the opportunity to contribute to patient care as a member of a multidisciplinary team. It brings together acute and chronic care as well as hospital and ambulatory work. Opportunities for scientific and clinical research are also considerable, so too are those for teaching and work in public health.

To become a Rheumatologist in Sri Lanka a doctor must first successfully complete the MD Medicine examination held by the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo . After this Rheumatology can be selected as a Post MD Subspecialty training position . Rheumatology training includes both local and Overseas training components. After successful completion of your training you will be board certified as a Rheumatologist and Rehabilitation Specialist in Sri Lanka.

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