Rheumatology Updates

  1. Rheumatology Update

Rheumatology update in collaboration with Ceylon college of physicians was was held on 11th November 2013.

  1. Current management of Spondyloarthritis – Dr Harindu Wijesinghe
  2. Management of gout. What is new? – Dr Lilani Panangala
  3. Rehabilitation of a patient after stroke – Dr Gunendrika Kasturiratne
  4. MCTD and overlap syndrome ,current concepts – Dr Sujeewani Kurukulasuriya
  5. Vasculitidies – New nomenclature and management – Dr Duminda Munidasa
  6. Rheumatoid hands –Place of surgery -Dr Sathish Wijemanne, Consultant Plastic Surgeon.
  7. Difficulties in diagnosis and management of polymyositis and dermatomyositis – Dr Nihal Gunathillake
  1. Academic programme in Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation meetings
    1. Management of bed sores by Dr Kusala Narangoda,
    2. Management of amputee by Dr Nirodha Gunawardhane was held on 2nd July at Ragama Rehabilitation hospital
    3. Rehabilitation of Rheumatoid and spastic hands – combined meeting with College of Plastic Surgeons was jeld on was held on 2nd July at Ragama Rehabilitation hospital
    4. Combined rehabilitation meetings with CCP were conducted at Kurunegala, Jaffna, Anuradhapura, Batticaloa, Nuwaraeliya, Kalutara,Ratnapura and Badulla.
  1. Academic Programmes in Rheumatology Seven monthly clinical meetings were held .
    1. 23rd August –“ A patient with ANCA associated vasculitis with a retro orbital Pseudotumour” By Dr Himantha Atukorale(SR), Dr Jeevani Rubasinghe.
    2. 16th September – “Case based discussions “ by Dr Chula Rajapakse, Senior Consultant Rheumatologist, Wellington, New Zealand. “Still’s disease persisting into adolescence” by DrTG
    3. Rajakulenthiran(SR), Dr Nihal Gunathlillake
    4. 14th of October – ‘A girl with joint pain and weakness of lower limbs’ – by Dr Sunari Subasinghe(SR), Dr Lilani Panangala.
    5. “Rehabilitation of a patient with spinal cord disease” by Dr Indika Kulasinghe(SR), Dr Lilani Panangala.
    6. 11th of December – “Challenges in management of a patient with Takayasu’s arteritis “ by Dr Kusala Narangoda (SR), Dr Saman Jayanetti.
    7. 22nd of January 2014 – “A sixty year old woman with neck pain” by Dr Kalum de Silva
    8. 26th of February 2014 “SLE patient with anaemia and thrombocytopenia” Dr Prasanna Cooray (SR), Dr Duminda Munidasa.
    9. 26th of March – “Two cases of uncommon presentations of RA and   SLE” Dr Kalum Deshapriya.