January 2019

Specialty Board meeting – For members only
4thJanuary 2019
8.30 a.m. at PGIM
Council meeting – For Council members of CSRRSL
4thJanuary 2019
9.30 a.m. at Council room at SLMA, Wijerama Mavatha
Clinical Meeting
“Common patterns – an uncommon disease” – By Dr Rajika Wickramarachchi. Senior registrar in Rheumatology – NHSL-4thJanuary 2019 12.00 noon at Surgical lecture theater – NHSL

Journal Club “Management of adults with primary Sjogren Syndrome” – By Dr W A E Udeshika – Senior Registrar in Rheumatology – NHSL
4thJanuary 2019 12.00 noon at ClinMARC Auditorium – NHSL