August 2019

Specialty Board meeting
– For members of specialty board
-2nd August 2019
8.30 a.m. at PGIM

Council meeting
– For Council members of CSRRSL
-2nd August 2019
9.30 a.m. at Council room at SLMA, Wijerama Mavatha

Senior Registrar training
–JIA & JIA mimics By Dr Nihal Gunathilaka. Senior Consultant Rheumatologist
-2nd August 2019
11.00 a.m.

Clinical Meeting
“Autumn leaves” disease phenotyping in Idiopathic Inflammatory Myositis By Dr Amal Sithira Thilakarathne. Senior Registrar in Rheumatology – RRH

Journal Club
Drug induced lupus: Revisiting the ever changing spectrum of the disease By Dr Lakshi Senevirathne. Senior Registrar in Rehabilitation – RRH

-2nd August 2019 12.00 noon at Surgical Lecture theatre – NHSL